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Between Me and the Deep Blue Sea

April 9th 2024

Mali's past was nothing if not turbulent. On the run for a crime that she didn't commit, she finds herself in Jakarta wrestling with the biggest demon of all, her own mind. Mali's journey takes her to the last place she ever possible imagined, working on an illegal shark-finning boat where danger lurks around every corner. But Mali finds new light, in the darkest place on earth, when she meets the wild Sammy and the inimitable Jesse. So when she uncovers a mysterious plot on the high seas, will her strength and determination be enough to uncover the truth and save the man she loves?

Between Me and the Deep Blue Sea is out November 21st 2023!



September 11th 2021

Harry and Lilly were only very young when their worlds were torn apart- but wasn’t everyone’s on September 11th, 2001? Together they embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, but will they ever have a normal life, are they strong enough to overcome everything or will they always be plagued by the demons that riddle their past?

"Limitations" is out now!

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Aimee regularly contributes to articles across a number of publications.

Her latest work is featured below.

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